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Brian Casteel


My name is Brian Casteel. I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2006. I served six years in Golf Company 2nd Battalion 23 rd Marines Division based out of Los Alamitos, CA. My primary position was 0311 rifleman. However, shortly before being deployed to participate in Operation Iraqi Freedom in town of Sedgwick, Iraq I was given a secondary position as an infantry radio operator. My primary objective was to establish and maintain radio communications with headquarters while deployed behind enemy lines. It is this specific experience which allowed me to appreciate and understand the importance of reliable and secure communications. Fortunately I was blessed to return home from war. I attended infantry squad leader's course and upon graduation was promoted to the rank of Corporal and given the position of Fire Team Leader where a managed a small team of Marines. I recieved an honorable discharge in August of 2015 after completing two additional years of Individual Ready Reserve time or IRR. My six years in the Marine Corps provided me with a lot of life experience but it taught me more about myself. It taught me that credibility, responsibility, and dedication are a way of life and not just fancy words to put on a resume.

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